Rozenburg Vase, Model 338 from 1898 painted by Samuel Schellink


Rozenburg vase from 1898, model 338 with an impressive handle, painted by Samuel Schellink.

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This vase was made by the Rozenburg pottery factory from The Hague in Holland. It is model 338 with an eye-catching handle that runs all the way across the entire width of the vase. The vase has a convex belly and a narrow neck and is painted with dark red flowers on a beige, green and dark blue background. The painting has typical features of the Art Nouveau or Jugendstil period. The vase is 33.5 cm or 13.2 inches high and 18 cm or 7 inches wide. The vase was painted on September 26, 1898 by Samuel Schellink. We know this because we found the entry in the work order book from 1898 via the work order number (963) in the city archives of The Hague. The vase is signed Rozenburg Den Haag, and on the bottom you can see the logo of the stork and the crown, for the year 1898. Also present is the workordernumber and Samuel Schellink’s signature. The vase is in excellent condition, no damage has been observed to the handle, neck or foot. The object does have a few spots where the glaze did not take well (see photos).

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