Rozenburg wall charger, model 202, of 10.7 inch wide, with decor of poppies from 1898


Rozenburg Wall Charger, model 202 of 10.7 inch wide painted with a decor of a poppy flower from 1898

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This wall plate was made in October 1898 by the Rozenburg pottery factory from The Hague in The Netherlands. The object is 27.2 cm or 10.7 inches wide. The wall charger is painted with a beautiful decor of a poppy flower. You see the flower, the seed bulbs and the leaves. Everything painted in a beautiful colour combination of brown, red, green and pink. The plate is in good condition. No damage or restorations were observed. It does have some tiny spots with imperfections in the glaze, but that is how the plate came from the kiln and that is very common for pottery of this age. The work order books can be consulted in the Hague Municipal Archives. It states that Willem Hartgring, among others, worked on this work order number. So it is probably his work. This cannot be said with certainty, because there is no signature of the painter. The Rozenburg wall charger is signed with the logo and name of the factory: Rozenburg Den Haag, the symbol of the crown, for the year 1898 and the work order number 1078.

Werkorderboek Rozenburg Den Haag oktober 1898.

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