Very early Zuid-Holland Gouda vase, Model 16 from 1899-1900, painted by Johannes Hartgring

Very early Zuid-Holland Gouda pottery vase, model 16, signed by Johannes Hartgring in the period 1899-1900.


This is an oldie. This vase was made by the Zuid-Holland pottery factory in the first years of the factory’s existence in Gouda, probably at the end of 1899, beginning of 1900. The vase is model 26, a large vase of 37.5 cm or 14.7 inches high and 20 cm or 7.8 inches wide. The vase weighs almost 3 kilos. Model 26 is a rare model that hardly comes onto the market and has a very wide base, a narrow neck and two thin, square arms. The vase is painted in a typical early Gouda decor in brown, green and blue tones. The design features blue-purple flowers, hearts and elegant floral patterns, typical of the Art Nouveau period. The vase is signed by master painter Johannes Hartgring (JH). The factory logo and the words: made in Holland are also visible at the bottom. The vase is in excellent condition. The entire surface of the vase has a beautiful patina of craquelure. The corner of one of the ears is missing some of the dark blue glaze, just like on the underside of the belly, near the foot. This is not damage, but just the way this vase came out of the furnace. No chips or restorations are observed.

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