Arnhem Vase Model 201 of 14.5 cm High Designed by Klaas Vet in 1910


Arnhem Pottery Art Nouveau Vase, model 201 of 14.5 cm or 5,6 inch high, designed by Klaas Vet in 1910. Sold!

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This vase was made by the Fayence factory Arnhem from The Netherlands around 1910. It was designed by Klaas Vet. The vase is 14.5 cm or 5.6 inches high and 7 cm or 2.7 inches wide. The vase has a broad base and a very narrow neck. It’s painted in the decor called: ‘Matte Flowers’. A decor with an abstract flower, surrounded by graceful thin blue lines. The vase is in mint condition and well signed with the factory logo: the rooster and the name of the factory: Arnhem. At the bottom you see the abbreviation M.B, which stands for Mat Bloemen (matte flowers), a term for decorations with a matte glaze, borrowed from Arnhem’s main competitor, Pottery Factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda. You will also see a reference to the model at the bottom. The vase says: FR201 or FB201.
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