Rozenburg Ewer 7,5 inch High from 1903, Square Design, Painted by Jan van der Vet


This earthenware ewer was made by Rozenburg from The Hague in September 1903. The object was painted by Jan van der Vet.

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This ewer was made by the Rozenburg factory in The Hague in the year 1903. The object has a beautiful design with a square base. The four sides of the object meet in rounded shoulders surmounted by a short ear and a short beak. The ewer has four sides, two of which are painted with orange and red tulips and two are painted with purple buds. All this against a dark turquoise background. A beautiful colour combination! The painter of the antique ewer is Jan van der Vet. The object is well marked with the logo of the Rozenburg factory (stork, crown and the words: Rozenburg, Den Haag). The year sign of the star: the period between December 1902 and December 1903 and the monogram of Jan van der Vet (JdV). You also see the work order number: 853. Below you see a detail from the work order book of September 28, 1903, the date that the order for seven of these objects was issued. The ewer is in excellent condition. The beak probably underwent a professional restoration, but that is very difficult to see.

Detail from the work order book from the Rozenburg Pottery Factory from The Hague from september 1903.

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