Dutch Pottery Chalice 10,6 inch High from 1900-1905 made by Holland Utrecht or Mijnlieff


A chalice, made by the Dutch ceramics factory Holland Utrecht (also called Mijnlieff) around the year 1900. The octagonal object is 10,6 inch or 27 cm high.

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This object has the shape of a chalice on a high foot with eight sides. It was made by Faience and Tegelfabriek Holland from Utrecht, a factory also known as ‘Mijnlieff’, named after the owner. This chalice was once part of a cabinet set with several objects, including a clock. The ceramic chalice is beautifully painted in a decor of carnations, in a beautiful color combination of grey-blue, dark red, grey-green and light orange.
The object is 10,6 inch or 27 cm high. The chalice itself is 8,3 inch or 21 cm wide and the foot is 5 inch or 13 cm wide. Unfortunately, the object is not in perfect condition. There is a hairline crack in the chalice, which can also be seen on the front and which runs almost the entire length of the bowl. There are two pale spots in the bowl, under the glaze, where it seems that the paint has not taken hold. And the foot has several chips. The damage and imperfections are well represented in the photos below through the red circles. The chalice has a stamp on the bottom with the factory logo: an oak leaf with the monogram JM (van Jan-Willen Mijnlieff) and a work order or product number: 135193. The model number for this design is 409. The letter ‘R’ can also be seen, which presumably refers after the painter M. Rolman, who was involved in the Holland factory around 1900. Therefore, the production period of this object is also estimated around the year 1900-1905. This object is pictured in a book called ‘De Collectie Holland’, from Waanders Publishers on page 101.

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