Gouda pottery pair of vases, model 22, from 1898-1899 by Chris Lanooy


Gouda pottery pair of vases, model 22, from 1898-1899 by Chris Lanooy

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This pair of vases was made in the early days of the Dutch pottery factory in Zuid-Holland from Gouda. The estimated year of production is 1898 or 1899. This pair is model 22, a model with a wide foot, narrow neck and beautifully designed ears, inspired by Chinese or Japanese style elements. We also know this model from Holland Utrecht (presumably they were a little earlier and this is a copy). The vases are painted with a beautiful decor of flowers and leaves, with typical Art Nouveau style elements. The pair of vases has a very special colour scheme for Gouds pottery. We see bright colours such as blue, yellow, red and green on an ocher yellow background. In the early days, the Gouda factory Zuid-Holland used a somewhat broader colour palette. At the same time, the factory developed the typical ‘Gouda’ decors in dark blue and dark green, which are so characteristic of Zuid-Holland. These vases are strikingly light and vibrantly coloured and you rarely see such objects on the market. The vases were painted by Chris Lanooy, who later made a name for himself as a ceramist and painter and sculptor. One vase is a fraction higher than the other. The dimensions are 28.5 cm and 28 cm or 11.2 inch and 11 inch in height respectively, both vases are 17 cm or 6.7 inch wide. One vase is in mint condition, the other has a tiny chip on the foot (see photo). Both vases are signed in almost the same way. You see the logo of the plateel factory and the words: Zuid Holland Gouda. You see the signature of Chris Lanooy (CJL) and a C, which probably refers to the decor on this model. It is interesting to also see the other copy with the same model 22 to view. This was painted by Leendert Muller, between 1899 and 1904.

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