Gouda pottery, tall vase, model 311 with a NP-decor of birds

Tall Gouda pottery vase, model 311, with a decoration of leaves, flowers and birds from 1907-1914.


This vase was made by the Zuid Holland pottery company from Gouda, in the period between 1907 and 1914. The vase is painted with a beautiful NP decor with birds. This decor is also called ‘kantjes’, named after the many fine, wavy lines in the design. In the vase you can see two birds, green leaves, yellow, and brick red flowers. The painting is of a very high quality. It is very nice that the vase is decorated differently on each side. The front has the two birds, the back only a scene with flowers. The vase was painted by an unknown artist with the signature: RK. The vase is model 311. A model with a wide base, a rounded belly and a very long, narrow neck. Around the belly are two low arms. The vase is 35.7 cm or 14 inches high and 16.3 cm or 6.4 inches wide. The vase is well signed. You see the name of the factory, the logo. The model number: 311, the decor number 304 and the signature: RK. The vase has undergone a professional restoration at the neck. There you can see that the pattern of craquelure does not continue neatly. One of the arms has also been restored. This is done very professionally and virtually invisible.
This vase is not for sale and belongs to my private collection

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