Holland Utrecht vase, model 103, 9 inch high, with a decor of dragons

Vase with a decor of dragons, made by the Dutch pottery factory Holland from Utrecht around 1900


This vase has a rounded belly and a short, arched neck and was made in the period 1899-1902. The vase has a spectacular decor of two dragons, against a beige, neutral background. The dragons slither over the vase in undulating movements. You can see their open beaks, claws and wings, as well as fanciful swirling brick-red patterns in the background. The vase is 23 cm or 9 inches high and 15.3 cm or 6 inches wide. This is model 103 from Faiance and Tile Factory Holland from the Dutch city of Utrecht, the factory also known as Mijnlieff, after founder and owner Jan-Willem Mijnlieff. The vase is well signed with the factory logo, the name: Holland Utrecht and the number 363 E. Two comparable vases (model and decor) are depicted in the book ‘The Collectie Holland’ on page 104. Unfortunately, the vase has a glued chip on the base.
The dragons on the vase are inspired by the illustrations of the German artist Anton Seder (1850-1916). In 1895 he published the publication ‘Das Thier’, containing illustrations of various animals, including various dragons (see illustrations below).

The vase is not for sale and belongs to my private collection

Das Thier by Anton Seder, Art Nouveau illustrations of dragons

Anton Seder illustration of a dragon, Art Nouveau

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