Gouda Pottery Tall Vase with P decor, Model 319 from 1902-1903


Gouda pottery tall and slender vase, model 319 with very high, narrow neck, painted with P-decor by Cornelis van Muijen in 1902-1903.

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This vase was made by the Zuid-Holland pottery factory from the Dutch city of Gouda. It was produced in the period between 1902 and 1903. This is model 319, an elegant model with a low convex belly and a very long and slender neck. The belly and the top of the neck in particular are decorated with a very refined P-decor or ‘kantjes’ decor with purple flowers. This is a very early P-decor, painted by Cornelis Johannes van Muijen. The vase is 37,3 cm or 14.7 inches high. The vase has had a professional restoration at the neck. That was done very skillfully. The only thing missing is the continuation of the craquelure. Furthermore, no damage to the object is visible. The vase is well signed with the logo of the Gouda pottery factory, the words: Made in Zuid Holland, the signature of Van Muijen (CJvM) and the decor number: P/B.

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