Gouda Pottery Tubular Vase 7,5 inch by Adriaan Lansaat from 1898-1899


This Vase is a great example of early Gouda Pottery from the Zuid-Holland Factory in Holland from 1898-1899, painted by Adriaan Lansaat.

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This vase was made by the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda, Holland in 1898-1899. The vase has model 112, a 19 cm high tubular vase with a small bulge just above the foot. The vase is painted by Adriaan Lansaat in a floral pattern of purple chalices and organic patterns in blue, turquoise, green and beige. The vase is signed with the factory name of the pottery factory Zuid Holland, Gouda, the logo and the letter A for the decor. The vase was made in 1898-1899. You also see the monogram Al for the painter Adriaan Lansaat. A small chip is missing at the widest edge of the vase (see circle). A beautiful example of very early Gouda pottery.

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