Gouda Pottery Vase 6,3 inch Decor Orientale, painted by Daniel Harkink from 1907-1908


This Gouda Pottery Vase is painted by Daniel Harkink in the period 1907-1908. It is signed with the name Orientale and was inspired by 16th century Turkish Iznik Ceramics. Sold.

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This Gouda pottery vase has a small neck and two small ears. It is model 19 from the Dutch Pottery Factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda and it is 16 cm or 6.3 inches in height. It is sparsely signed with the factory logo – the Lazarus gate – and the name: ‘Orientale’. This refers to the decor of geometrical patterns inspired by 15th-century pottery from Turkish Iznik-period. The book ‘NV Koninklijke PlateelBakkerij Zuid-Holland’, one of the most used books about Dutch Zuid Holland Pottery, contains the following passage, which probably tell us a little more about this vase and it’s maker. “In 1907 or 1908 Daniël Harkink and Leen J. Muller were sent to Paris by the factopry’s owner to visit, among others, the Musée de Cluny, which showed a rich collection of ancient arts and crafts. What made a big impression on them was Middle Eastern pottery from the 16th century.” A footnote in the book refers more specifically to the second Iznik period of 1525-1555. In 1909 Daniël Harkink designed for the Gouda pottery factory the revolutionary decors Damascus and Rhodian. These designs were commissioned in matte glaze, one of the innovation in Dutch ceramics, by Daniël Harkink. This vase is probably a predecessor of this innovation, and most likely painted by Daniël Harkink himself, in the under-glaze technique (which produces the high glazed pottery). How do we know that Harkink himself painted this vase? That was done by handwriting analysis. It can therefore be said with some degree of probability that this vase is a ‘preliminary study’ of the later, very popular matted pottery with Middle Eastern-inspired decors. A very special piece! The vase has a small chip at the base, but is otherwise in good condition.
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