Gouda Pottery Vase 9,5 inch High, Model 90 with Maritime and P-Decor


Vase of Gouda pottery with maritime decor, surrounded by a ‘kantjes’ design. Model 90 of 9,5 inch high, made by Zuid-Holland between 1901 and 1903.

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This vase has a very clear front and back. You could also put it another way: this is a two-for-one deal. The vase, made by the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda, is painted on one side with a maritime image of a boat against a typical Dutch landscape with windmills. On the other site, this vase has a very beautiful ‘kantjes’ decor, which fills the entire back of the vase. Unlike many early P-decors from the Gouda pottery factory, this object is painted from head to toe on the back and the striped areas form a colourful mosaic. Truth be told: I like the back better than the front. And so this vase is displayed with the ‘kantjes-side’ facing forward. The vase is model 90 from the Zuid-Holland pottery factory and is 24 cm or 9.5 inches high and 10 cm or 3.9 inches wide. The vase was made between 1901 and 1903. The vase is signed with an R, presumably the monogram of Dirk Jan Raap. The vase has undergone a professional restoration. A hole was drilled at the bottom of the vase, just above the foot, which resulted in a crack. Fortunately, there is nothing left to see, but lovely stripes.

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