Rozenburg Ewer 9,4 inch high with poppies and butterflies from 1898

Rozenburg Pottery ewer of 9,4 inch high and 6,3 inch wide with a beautiful decor of poppies and butterflies. The ewer was made in 1898 by the Dutch Pottery Factory Rozenburg from The Hague.


The vibrant colours on this ewer from the Dutch pottery factory Rozenburg are striking. You see purple poppies and small black butterflies against an orange background. Also in the background: cobalt blue, grey green and brown. The ewer was made by the Rozenburg pottery factory in The Hague in August 1898. The jug is 24 cm or 9.4 inches high and 16 cm or 6.3 inches wide. It is model 345 from the Rozenburg factory. The date can be determined from the year mark on the bottom. You will see the symbol of the crown. The Rozenburg ewer is well signed with the factory name and the place name: Rozenburg Den Haag (The Hague). You can also see the approval sign of the chief of the painting room: the shape of the cross in a square. There are numbers on the bottom of the ewer. They refer to the work order number: 904 and 341. The ewer is probably painted by Jacobus van Rossum (his name is found in the work order book). The object is in mint condition.

This object is part of my private collection and not for sale

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