Gouda pottery vase model 322 with NP decor from 1908-1914


Gouda pottery vase model 322 with NP decor from 1908-1914

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This antique vase was made by the Zuid-Holland pottery company from Gouda in The Netherlands in the period 1908-1914. It is model 322, a slim vase with two handles and a very long, elegant neck. The vase is painted by Frederika Tiesema with a lovely NP decor of flowers. The colour combination of orange, red, bleu and purple is striking. Also the background of green leaves, and typical NP decor elements such as wavy line, stars and dots is lovely. This decor is therefore also called ‘kantjes’. The vase has a different decor on all sides, the back of which is only sparsely painted. The vase is 30.5 cm or 12 inches high and 15.5 cm or 6.1 inches wide (at the handles) and the object is in excellent condition. The vase is signed with the factory logo of the Gouda pottery factory, the signature of Frederika Tiesema and a reference to the model number: 322 and the decor number: 347.

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