Gouda pottery, vase model 5010 with ‘kantjes’ decor of sunflowers, by Frederika Delchambre


Gouda pottery, vase model 5010 with ‘lace’ decor of sunflowers, by Frederika Delchambre, probably 1905-1908

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This antique vase was made by the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland and painted by Frederika Delchambre. The vase is model 5010 and has a hexagonal belly, which narrows into a round neck. There are two thin, elegant ears on either side of the neck. This vase is 33 cm or 13 inches high and 13 cm or 5.1 inches wide. The vase is painted with a P decor with sunflowers. Very characteristic of this decor are the wavy lines and dots of this P-decor, which is also called ‘kantjes’. Kantjes pottery was brought onto the market by Zuid-Holland to compete with the popular and very expensive eggshell porcelain from the Rozenburg factory in The Hague. It is not clear when the vase was made. The painter, Frederika Delchambre, worked at the Gouda pottery factory in Zuid-Holland from 1900 to around 1908. This is a somewhat later P-decor, so the probable production date is between 1905-1908. The vase is not completely intact. The neck is in a good condition except for a flea bite, the ears are intact. But the foot has four chips, three of which are actually visible at the front.

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