Gouda vase model 69 with iris decor by Leendert Muller


Gouda vase model 69 with irises decor by Leendert Muller, from 1899-1904


This vase was made by the Dutch pottery factory in Zuid Holland from the city of Gouda in the period between 1899 and 1904. This is model 69, a high cylindrical vase with a narrowing above the foot and below the neck. The vase is 28.5 cm or 11.2 inches high. The vase is painted with a characteristic early Gouda decor with irises. The decoration of the neck is striking. The vase is well signed with the factory logo, the words: Made in Zuid Holland and the signature of Leendert Muller (M). The vase has the original factory seal on the bottom. The vase is in excellent condition.

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