Holland Utrecht Mijnlieff, high vase of 31 cm with decor of butterflies


Dutch antique Holland Utrecht Mijnlieff vase, high vase of 31 cm with decor of butterflies and morning glory

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This vase was made by the Faïance and Tile Factory ‘Holland’ from the Dutch city of Utrecht in the period 1896-1905. The vase has a domed belly and a long, trumpet-shaped neck. The vase is painted with a decor of morning glory and butterflies. The vase has a beautiful pastel colour palette with lilac, soft green and light orange against a beige background. The decor has faded a little on the bottom of the vase (only on one side), but in general the decoration is in good condition. The vase is 31 cm or 12.2 inches high and 10.4 cm or 4.1 inches wide. The vase is well signed with the factory logo, containing the monogram of owner Jan-Willem Mijnlieff (JM), the name Holland Utrecht and the number 537 R. The vase is in pristine condition.

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