Holland Utrecht Vase with Handles, Model 71 of 13 inch High by J.W. Mijnlieff from 1900

Holland Utrecht Vase with Handles, Model 71 of 13,3 inch High, painted by J.W. Mijnlieff from 1900. Private Collection.


This vase with beautifully modelled ears is 34 cm or 13.4 inches high and 19 cm or 7.5 inches wide. The vase has a wide, low belly and a long, high neck, flanked by two beautiful structured ears. It is model 71 of the Dutch Pottery and Tile Factory ‘Holland’ from Utrecht, better known as Mijnlieff, after the owner and director Jan-Willem Mijnlieff. The vase is painted with a decor of violets in a beautiful palette of beige, blue, green and purple colours. With small red and yellow details in the flowers. The colours have faded a bit on the neck, a characteristic that you often see in vases from Holland Utrecht. This ‘watercolour effect’ probably is caused by the temperature of the oven being too high. But on the belly of the vase, the colours are bright and beautiful. The vase has a small irregularity in the glaze at the bottom of the belly (see photo) and unfortunately one of the arms is torn. This has not been restored and is therefore visible. The vase is signed with the factory logo: the oak leaf containing the letters J and M (from Jan-Willem Mijnlief). The work order or serial number: 899 N.
This vase is not for sale and part of my private collection.

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