Lidded vase or turban pull from Rozenburg, decor geel fond, designed by Theo Colenbrander, made in 1890

Lidded vase or ‘Turban pull’ from Rozenburg Den Haag, 25 cm high, designed by Theo Colenbrander, made in 1890.


This lidded vase was made by the Rozenburg pottery factory from The Hague in 1890. It is a so-called ‘Turban pull’, model 25, of 25 cm or 9.8 inch high. This model was designed by Theo Colenbrander. On the egg-shaped belly you see fanciful patterns in brown, blue and gray against a light yellow background. The lid is light green and has blue and red decorations. The design has been given the name ‘geel fond’ and it appears on the bottom of the vase as well as on the inside of the lid, with it’s characteristic point.
The turban pull is perhaps my favourite model from the Dutch Rozenburg factory. Years ago I bought a dark brown one with gray patterns and now I have been able to add this yellow one to my collection. I hope to collect more in the future to line them up like little soldiers. These turban pulls were designed by Theo Colenbrander in the early period of the Rozenburg factory and are often adorned with oriental decors. The design and name of the object (turban) are also influenced by Orientalism, which was so popular in the last years of the nineteenth century. The Mesdag Museum in The Hague has a large collection of Rozenburg objects and there are several of these turban items (see collage below).
The yellow turban pull is well signed with the name of the factory: Rozenburg Den Haag, the F: year letter for 1890 and the name of the decor: geel fond. The dots on the bottom of the vase refer to a work order number or an (unknown) painter. The lid is in mint condition. The belly of the vase had a break, but fortunately nothing can be seen after a professional restoration.

This turban vase is not for sale and belongs to my private collection.

Tulbandpullen van Colenbrander, afkomstig uit de collectie van Museum Mesdag in Den Haag

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