Miniature lidded vase, 11 cm high, from Holland Utrecht, made around 1900


Miniature lidded vase by Holland Utrecht, made around 1900 and measuring only 11 cm in height.

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This vase is only 11 centimeters high, from the foot to the tip of the lid. It was made by the Faïance and tile factory Holland from the city of Utrecht, around the year 1900. The lidded vase has a decor of poppies and is painted in a beautiful colour scheme of ocher yellow, dark blue, black and light gray. The lid – with a diameter of only 2.5 cm – is light green and is painted with dark blue butterflies. The vase has a height of 11 cm or 4.3 inches and a width of 4.8 cm or 1.9 inches. This is model 14 of the Dutch pottery factory Holland Utrecht, also known as Mijnlieff (named after director Jan-Willem Mijnlieff). Unfortunately, two pieces of glaze are missing from the foot and the lid has a restored chip and a tiny crack on the rim, but all in all the miniature vase is in good condition. With these types of objects it is a rarity that the set – vase and lid – is still complete.

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