Rozenburg vase, model 258 of 25 cm in height, painted in 1902 by Jacob van Rossum

Rozenburg vase, model 258, of 25 cm in height, painted in 1902 by Jacob van Rossum with an iris and a poppy.


This vase was made by the Dutch pottery factory Rozenburg from The Hague in 1902. It is model 258, an elegant object with a trumpet-shaped neck and base. The vase is 25 cm or 9.8 inches high and 9 cm or 3.5 inches wide. The vase is painted by Jacob Willem van Rossum with a decor of flowers. You see a different decor on all sides of the vase. On one side is an iris with purple and yellow tones, and on the other side a poppy with leaves in red and brown tones. The background is olive green at the neck and grayish blue at the base. The vase is equally interesting on all sides. The vase is well signed with a factory stamp: Rozenburg The Hague, the year sign of the sun (the year 1902), the work order number: #166 and the signature of Jacob Willem van Rossum (JWR). The vase is in neat condition. In the past, a restoration took place on the foot (slimmest part), but fortunately this was done very skilfully and the repair is not visible to the naked eye.
This vase is not for sale and belongs to my private collection (just like the other model 258 with the yellow tulips by Samuel Schellink, see last photo).

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