Rozenburg cachepot or planter, model 46 from 1894 by Willem Hartgring


Antique Rozenburg cachepot or planter, model 46, 30 cm wide from 1894 by Willem Hartgring

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I did not immediately recognise this object as a Rozenburg design. This is due to the graceful ornaments on both sides of this cachepot or planter and the graceful legs. It’s a bit on the classic side. Nevertheless, the object is well signed with the logo of the Rozenburg pottery factory from The Hague, the work order number: 131 and the year letter L for 1894. This is model 46, a planter or cachepot of 30 cm, 11.8 inches wide, 18 cm or 7 inches wide and 11 cm or 4.3 inches high. This model no longer appears in the Rozenburg catalog from 1898, so it was probably only in production for a short period. The object is painted with a floral decor in a beautiful color combination with blue, green, turquoise, yellow and orange. The painter is Willem Hartgring. The cachepot is in good condition (especially considering its age). It has a small crack and discolouration in the glaze on the inside, where the leg is attached. There is also a hairline (minuscule!) on the inside of one of the sides. But the rim, the ornaments on both sides and the legs are in excellent condition. A beautiful piece of antique Dutch pottery!

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