Rozenburg ewer, model 394, made in 1896-1897 with yellow dead-nettle decor


Rozenburg ewer of 19 cm high, model 394, with a decor of yellow dead-nettle, made in 1896 or 1897 in The Hague.

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This ewer was made by the Dutch pottery factory Rozenburg from The Hague in 1896 or 1897. The object is 19 cm or 7.5 inches high and 12 cm or 4.7 inches wide. This is model 394, a design with a square belly, which rounds out into a short neck and a short ear. The ewer is painted with a decor of yellow dead-nettle. On top of the ewer, around the neck, the decor is a bit more abstract. The colour combination on this jug is wonderful and very vibrant: bright yellow, dark blue, dark green and dark red. It is not clear who painted this object, because the work order number is barely legible. The same applies to the year sign on the bottom of the object. That is either NK (1896) or K (1897). The ewer has undergone a professional restoration at the spout. This is not visible to the naked eye. Furthermore, the jug is in very neat condition.

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