Rozenburg Vase 8,5 inch with Trumpet-Shaped Neck and Abstract Decor from 1898


This Rozenburg vase is 8,5 inch high, has a trumpet-shaped neck and a whimsical pattern of abstract shapes. The decor is different from all sides of the object.

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This Rozenburg vase has a special model. It measures 21.8 cm or 8.5 inches high with a short, convex belly measuring 11 cm or 4.3 inches. On top of that is a thin neck, which flares out like a trumpet. The neck is 10 cm or 3.9 inches at its widest point. The decor is striking, the vase is different in decor and colour on all sides. The shapes resemble abstract flowers and are fanciful and whimsical. The vase is painted in a palette of purple, dark brown, light blue, yellow, green and turquoise. Even the inside of the neck is decorated. Unfortunately, the painter’s signature is missing. The vase is signed with the factory name and logo: Rozenburg Den Haag. You can also see the year sign with the crown, which refers to the production period from December 1897 to December 1898. The work order number is unfortunately not legible. The vase has undergone a professional restoration at the neck.
Sold! This vase is no longer available.

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