Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co Purmerend, Ewer, model 1009, decor with butterflies


Ewer from the Dutch pottery company Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes from Purmerend, with decoration of butterflies, model 1009 of 17.7 cm high from 1898.

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This antique ewer was made by the Dutch pottery company Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co from Purmerend, in 1898. The ewer is model 1009, a design on a wide base, with a rounded belly and an elegant ear. The object is 17.7 cm or 6.9 inches high and 16 cm or 6.3 inches wide. The object is painted with a decor full of butterflies. A yellow band runs across the widest part of the belly. Below that is another decor, with leaves and chalices. At the base of the neck the decor has a graphic line design. At the top of the neck you can see the leaves. The jug is well signed with the logo of the Brantjes pottery company: the symbol of a clog and the letters NB (for Nicolas Brantjes). You will also see the name: Faience de Purmerend Hollande (in French). You will also see a reference to the decor: Dec G and the model number: 1009. At the top you will see the painter’s signature: CW or CN and a C, which is probably the year letter for 1898. The ewer has some imperfections in the glaze on the inside of the spout and two small pieces of glaze are missing, but otherwise the object is in beautiful condition.

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