Gouda Pottery Bowl, model 94 with P-decor of pink flowers, 2 inch high


Small bowl, made by the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland and painted with a P-decor or ‘Kantjes decor of pink flowers. Made between 1901 and 1907 in Gouda.

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This bowl was made by the Dutch pottery factory Zuid-Holland from Gouda. The object is 5 cm or 2 inches high and 8 cm or 3 inches wide and is painted with a P-decoration of small pink flowers. This is a P decor, of which the P refers to ‘Porcelain’. P-decors were marketed from 1901 by the Gouda pottery factory to compete with the very popular and expensive eggshell porcelain from Rozenburg. This bowl is made of earthenware, but painted in the same style. The little pink flowers and the patterns of color, made up of wavy lines, are striking. That is why this type of pottery is also called ‘kantjes’, the word translates to ‘little lace’. The bowl was made in the period 1901-1907. It is not known who painted the bowl, the signature is illegible. The bowl is model 94 from the Gouda pottery bakery. The object is in good condition, there is no visible damage, except for a nice craquelure.

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