Gouda Pottery, Tall Vase, Model 24 of 11 inch High, from 1899-1908


Gouda pottery tall and narrow vase, model 24 of 11 inches high, made in between 1899 and 1908.

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This narrow, tall vase was made by the Zuid-Holland pottery company from Gouda in the Netherlands, in the early days of the factory. The estimated production period is 1899-1908. The vase is painted with a typical early Gouda decor with purple violets. The way the decor accentuates the length of the vase is beautiful. The vase is signed with the words: Made in Zuid-Holland, the factory logo (Lazarus Gate) and the signature of an unknown painter: DvZ. The vase looks in a perfect condition, but has had a professional restoration on the neck. This is barely visible with the naked eye, but on the inside of the neck you can see that the fine craquelure pattern does not continue. This is model 24 from the Gouda pottery factory in South Holland. The vase is 28 cm or 11 inches high.

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