Pair of Gouda Pottery Vases, Model 5010, Decor 340, made in 1908-1912


A pair of Gouda pottery vases, model 5010, with a late P decor, made in between 1908-1912.

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This pair of vases was made by the Zuid-Holland pottery factory from Gouda in the Netherlands, in the period between 1908 and 1912. The pair is painted with a late P or ‘kantjes’ decor. This decor consists entirely of small lines and dots in a beautiful colour scheme of olive green and dark turquoise. The vases are decorated with a painting of tendrils, flowers and flower buds with dark blue and red accents. The name of the painter, with the signature CV, is unknown. The vases are both well marked with the words: Zuid-Holland Gouda, the factory logo, the signature, the indication for the model: 5010 and the decor: 340. Model 5010 is a high and elegant model of Gouda pottery and measures 35 cm or 13.8 inches high and 12 cm or 4.7 cm wide. The vase has a hexagonal belly, a round base, a narrow, round neck and two elegant thin arms. One vase is a fraction taller than the other, the difference is about 4 mm or 0.15 inches. The vases are in good condition and have a beautiful pattern of caquelure. One vase (the higher one) is completely undamaged and also has slightly more bright red colour areas. The shorter vase is slightly paler in colour (only in red) and has two chips on the base ring, one of which is visible on the front and a tiny chip on the neck.

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