Ivora Gouda Pottery Vase 12 inch Art Nouveau Style with Irises


This vase was made by Ivora from Gouda, presumably between 1914 and 1916. The vase is 31 cm or 12,2 inch high and has a decoration of irises.

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The vase was made by the dutch Pottery Factory Ivora from Gouda in the Netherlands. Ivora started making pottery in 1914, following the success of factories such as Zuid-Holland, also from Gouda and Rozenburg from The Hague. Many of the models and styles of Ivora’s early period were copied from these factories, their painters were also attracted. The vase is 31 cm or 12,2 inch high, has a beautifully curved belly and a square base. This special model is marked with the number 206. The vase is decorated with irises and the graceful whiplash motifs that are typical of the Art Nouveau Period. Date of manufacture and painter are unknown. Presumably the vase was made between 1914 and 1916. The vase is in excellent condition, no visible damage. However, the glaze – especially on the neck – has some irregularities.

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