Rozenburg cachepot, model 355, with dandelions decor from 1897


Rozenburg cachepot, model 355, with dandelions decor from 1897, 37 cm wide.

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This beautiful ‘cachepot’ or flowerpot was made in 1897 and manufactured by the Rozenburg pottery factory in The Hague. The flowerpot has a large size. The object is 37 cm wide, 23 cm deep and 16 cm high. In inches it is: 14.5 inches wide, 9 inches deep and 6.3 inches in height. The cachepot is painted with a beautiful decor of dandelions. You can see the flowers in both yellow and red. The bottom has a cobalt blue color, the top edge is turquoise and the inside of the cachepot is brown, painted with a marble effect. The object was painted by J.M.G Brouwer. We found this out by looking at the work order number on the bottom and looking up this number (440) in the work order books that have been preserved in the Hague Municipal Archives. The cachepot is in beautiful condition. There is a tiny chip on the foot (so small that it could hardly be photographed) and there are two imperfections in the glaze due to small air bubbles.

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