Rozenburg Turban Vase 9,6 inch High With lid from 1893 by T.A.C. Colenbrander

This Rozenburg vase has a lit in the shape of a turban. It was designed by Theodoor Colenbrander and was presumably made in 1893 in The Hague, Holland. Private Collection, not for sale.


This lidded vase is made by the Dutch Rozenburg factory from The Hague and is also called a ‘turban pull or vase’. The vase has an egg-shaped body, with a constricted base and a lid in the shape of a turban, a design by Theodoor Colenbrander, who was the artistic director of the Rozenburg pottery factory in The Hague. The turban vase is probably from 1893. The vase is – with lid – 24.5 cm or 9,2 inch high and 8 cm or 3,14 inch wide.
The object has a deep brown color on which geometrical grey and black patterns have been painted. The patterns are reminiscent of Persian carpets, one of the sources of inspiration for T.A.C. Colenbrander. The Turban Pull was often part of a cabinet set, consisting of several vases in different heights, but with similar decors. A so-called cupboard set was placed on top of a cupboard, a wall shelf or a fireplace for decoration. The Dutch Museum Mesdag, has a wonderful collection of Colenbrander Turban vases. This vase is signed, but the text on the bottom of the vase is difficult to read. The name ‘Rozenburg’ can be observed. Just like the letter K which could represent the year 1893. Also legible is a model or work order number 173, as well as the signature in the form of a small hatchet, which could represent the painter J.M.G Hakkert. The vase is in excellent condition. Only the bottom of the lid has a small chip, but that is – once placed in the vase – not visible.

not for sale

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