Pair of Gouda Pottery Vases, Model 211 with P-decor from 1901-1905


A pair of Dutch Gouda pottery vases with an intriguing P decor, made in the period 1901-1905.

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This pair of antique Gouda pottery vases has a very special P-decor. What do you see? A dragonfly, a mushroom, a flower, maybe a zinnia? It doesn’t matter at all, this decor continues to intrigue. These vases were made in the period 1901 and 1905. This is an early P-decor or ‘Kantjes decor’ in a great colour scheme of green, yellow and dark turquoise colour areas, completely made up of small, thin lines. The vases are decorated with red, black and pink accents. And the observant eye will also see that the vases have very subtle differences in the decor. The vases were made by the Dutch Pottery company Zuid-Holland from the city of Gouda. One vase is a fraction higher than the other, 26.2 and 26 cm or 10.3 and 10.2 inches high respectively. They are both 15.3 cm or 6 inches wide. They are in good condition. One of the vases has two small chips under the base ring, but this damage is barely visible from the front. The neck of both vases is intact, as are the ears, although all four ears have tiny flea bites here and there. The vases are well signed with the factory logo, the words: Made in Zuid-Holland, the designation of the decor: P/b and the signature S, of which it is not known to whom it belongs.

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